Spreading Peace, Love and Harmony Where You Are



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An update on a project The Lettermen were
very happy to be a part of in May of 2019
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A few words from Tony Butala
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T-Shirts now available to fund LCP charitable projects
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Spreading Peace, Love and Harmony Where You Are


Please visit our website for all updated tour information. www.TheLettermen.com/tour.
As we continue to navigate these uncharted territories together, should you have tickets to an upcoming performance, it is always best to contact the venue directly to be assured that the performance is still scheduled to take place.

Project Highlight

LCP Card Shower
Do you know of a nursing home resident, disabled or home bound person, small child, etc. that would benefit from a simple – random act of kindness?
The LCP is taking nominations for people that we can “shower” with a little joy.
We are asking our members to dust off that pile of unused greeting cards we all have stashed away and write a generic card with a “thinking of you” or inspiring message that will be passed on by the LCP to suggested card shower recipients.
The completed cards can be mailed to the LCP P.O. Box, found on the last page of this newsletter, who will group them together to “shower” nominees. The chosen recipients will receive a package from the LCP containing multiple cards and a letter explaining our desire to brighten their day.
Need some cards to fill out?
We would be happy to supply them to you.
If interested, or to nominate a recipient, please email us at LettermenCommunityProject@gmail.com.

Birthday Corner

Email us your birthday, month and day, and one lucky member a month will be drawn at random to receive a birthday call from a Letterman!

LCP Endeavors

We would like to take the opportunity to reach out to each of you, the core of Lettermen fans and members of the Lettermen Community Project (LCP).
While the LCP will fulfill many functions of a typical fan club, our main focus and objective is to be of service to the communities that host Lettermen performances.
The beauty of “Community” is that it is comprised of individuals coming together for a common cause, with a common goal, and working together to accomplish great things.

We have a few projects in the works. Plans for a food drive, and the sponsorship of a bedroom makeover are in development. We would like to pursue many others, but we need to hear from you. We are open to ongoing ways to support charitable efforts.

Our recent video sign message project to The Lettermen for Facebook was a lot of fun and got a great response! Other ideas along that line that we have already received include an LCP pen pal exchange, sending cards to nursing home residents or anyone who may need to have their spirits lifted, and continuing to support a Bedroom Makeover Ministry.
(See article on page 3)

What projects would you, as a Community supporter, like to participate in? If there are activities that you are already involved in, please let us know we want to highlight all the
ways our members are making a difference. Are there any organizations that you would like to submit for consideration?

Please email us at:
We want to hear from YOU!
Let’s reach our Communities!
Now, more than ever, spreading Peace, Love and Harmony is so necessary and we look forward to the great things we can all do – together.

Spreading Peace, Love and Harmony Where You Are

The FIRST official project of the LPC – Let’s Work Together to Sponsor a room!

Bedroom Makeover Project
Where Are We Now?

Submitted by Cathy McGinnis and Paula McGinnis

In the summer of 2018, the Table of Grace Church in Erie, PA made a commitment to a new ministry, making sure that children who did not have beds, blankets, pillows or curtains for their bedrooms would have these necessities.

We knew we had to do a major fund raiser in order to fund this ministry. We contacted The Lettermen Office to find out what was involved to bring The Lettermen to Erie for a concert. For people who had never ‘promoted’ a concert before, it was a nearly overwhelming process! Booking a venue, finding sponsorships, booking hotel rooms, – how do we advertise? Luckily, the front office staff was WONDERFUL, from David Haskell to Tracy Clark, and our lifelines—Bruce Galloway, Jeannie Graham and Brennan Seehafer, who all guided us on this journey.

Our concerts were Saturday May 18, 2019, and we had a great response from our membership volunteering to work the shows (we had an afternoon and evening performance). We started at 8 AM setting up and preparing the venue and finished up about 11:30 PM.

It was a very long, but wonderful day.

The Lettermen were, of course, amazing. They were very receptive to doing advance promos for us that we used on Facebook, were very patient with our news media and gave us two great shows. These were officially Rob’s 3rd and 4th performances with the group and Tony Butala was also on stage. It truly was an amazing day.

We were able to raise enough money to complete 15 bedroom makeovers.

Since the concerts last year, we have re-done bedrooms for 9 children and youth. We have a member who has an interior design degree. She and another member meet with the children and their Mom or Dad and explain the ministry. The designer meets with each of the children, finds out their favorite colors and interests, and designs the rooms specifically for each child. For example, one child really likes music, so her room had a lot of musical elements. She had a guitar and ukulele that we had restrung and professionally tuned, and these items were in her room when she returned. Another room for a 6- year-old boy, who loves wrestling, had his room turned into a wrestling ring, complete with 3 red stripes on the wall as if they were the wrestling ropes.

Our most recent makeover was for a family of 5 girls, from twin 8-year-olds to a 16-year-old.

The day of the makeover we took the family to the church building for activities while the team went into the house to transform the bedrooms.
The one activity at the church that is done every time is a craft project.
That project is scooped up when it’s complete and is in the child’s room when the room is revealed. This family had been homeless for three months before they moved into this apartment. They were sleeping on mattresses that were placed on the floor (some of which were simply air mattresses like you’d use for camping) and they would alternate sleeping with Mom.
Research has shown that a good night’s sleep can affect learning and behavior.
We’d like to thank all the Lettermen fans who have been so supportive of our effort, from traveling to see the shows, the donation of the large teddy bear that was used during Lettermen Christmas shows, to the small stuffed animals individually wrapped and donated by fans from Tom’s River, New Jersey. There are 1 or 2 of those stuffed animals in every room we have done.
Some of the most rewarding things we have heard after makeovers have been, “I made a lot of new friends today”. The Mom from the most recent makeover told us the girls said the next morning that it was the best sleep they’d ever gotten. The aunt of the 5 girls said that we gave her nieces hope. So, our thanks to all the Lettermen fans and to the entire Lettermen organization for helping to provide hope to the children of the Erie community, as we change lives, one child at a time.
If you would like information on how you could do bedroom makeovers in your community, please feel free to contact Paula or Cathy McGinnis at c.mcginniS1615@gmail.com.
The Lettermen proudly support this ministry and the LCP will keep this as one of our ongoing support projects.
A GoFundMe account has been set up should you wish to contribute. Each room costs approximately $1,500.
This will be the first outreach project goal of the LCP –
https://www.gofundme.com/f/childrens-bedroom- makeover?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&ut m_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1
Spreading Peace, Love and Harmony Where You Are


A few words from Tony Butala

Hello Community,

I just wanted to take a moment and let you all know how happy I am to see this group coming together and forming into an exciting extension of The Lettermen!

I hope that you are all staying home, staying healthy, and enjoying the priceless blessings in life such as spending time with close family and taking the time to enjoy the simple pleasures. On a personal level, I was able to spend some much needed time with family and friends in California just before the quarantine.

I love to do Sudoku, so Sue bought me a jigsaw puzzle of several Sudoku puzzles… it was a challenge, but I persevered and solved it!

Another great source of joy for me during this time is being in the great outdoors. Sue and I spend a lot of happy hours along the Wisconsin lakeshore. What are you doing to stay busy and connected during this trying time?

I know Donovan, Bobby and Rob are anxious to get back on stage, to see you all, and to bring you some wonderful Lettermen music.

We will get through this together and we will all be stronger for it!

Much Love,
Tony B


Shoot For The “StaRS”

We are excited about the release of a new
T-Shirt celebrating The Lettermen receiving a “Star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Proceeds will be used to support LCP service projects. (Please see LCP Endeavors article)
Shirts are unisex and made of 100% cotton. Available in the following sizes:
M – LG – XL = $25.00 (includes shipping and handling) 2XL = $27.50 (includes shipping and handling) Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
For more information, or to order, please visit the merchandise page at our website www.TheLettermen.com.

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