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Creating a project database

Back To School Donations

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Bedroom Makeover Project

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Dragstrip Riot
The behind the scenes story as told by Tony Butala
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Spreading Peace, Love and Harmony Where You Are


Our day will come ~ If we just wait a while No tears for us ~ Think love and wear a smile
Until we can be together again, please keep in contact with us through the LCP.
And as a reminder, please frequently check our website for all updated tour information

Project Highlight

The LCP would like to support teachers and students returning to school this fall.
Whether classes will be conducted in person, online or a combination of both, supplies will be needed.
Sadly, a lot of teachers are expected to fund classroom needs out-of-pocket and many families can not afford the basic school supplies needed for their child.
If you know of any donation drives, Amazon Wish Lists etc., please let us know.
Email the information to:
LettermenCommunityProject@gmail.com and we will post to our Facebook page.


LCP Endeavors –
Building A Project Database

One of the founding principles of the LCP is the importance of a community… coming together to support one another.
How are you serving your community?
We would like to build a database of charities, projects and outreach programs that our members are involved in.
Please email details and contact information for your organization. From time to time we will feature a project on Facebook which will allow other members to potentially partner with you.

Below is one great example to get the ball rolling!
“We have an Amador County Food Bank. Amador County, about 1 hour east of Sacramento, is basically situated in the California Gold Country and has a 50% poverty rate.
Each week we pick up a truckload of food and take it to our Town Hall in Fiddletown. Having this location makes it much more convenient for people since many have little, or no, transportation. The Fiddletown Food Bank is open 2 days a week, Monday and Friday afternoons. We have received quite a response from people in the short time that we have been open, and we have received donations of fresh vegetables, food, and more as the community has become aware of us. It has become a real eye opener how much is needed with so many people who have temporarily lost their incomes. We are also working with many food stores in the county to help us with their surplus of supplies, allowing us to purchase food at cost. I am just 1 of 3 volunteers who work this location.”
Please feel free to email me if you would like more information.
Lynn Clevenger rlclev@volcano.net

Proceeds from T-Shirt sales will be used to support LCP service projects
For more information, or to order, please visit the merchandise page at our website: www.TheLettermen.com

Spreading Peace, Love and Harmony Where You Are

Bedroom Makeover Project ~ FULLY FUNDED!


Because of you our first LCP project, the Bedroom Makeover Project, is FULLY FUNDED!
Our goal of $1,500 was raised and the Lettermen Community Project will now officially sponsor a bedroom makeover. We will update our members with details and photos once the LCP room is completed. Donovan, Bobby and Rob have all expressed why this project has meant so much to them, but we wanted you to hear directly from Pastor Donnie Blystone of Table of Grace Church in Erie, Pennsylvania.

“Hi all:
Just a quick note about the unique ministry “bedroom makeover.” The “Lettermen” have graciously partnered with Table of Grace UMC, a United Methodist community, in this awesome outreach to children who have no or an inadequate place to sleep. This outreach gives those children in need a bedroom makeover.

Essentially, they have very little or nothing, sleeping on the floor, piling clothes in the corner because they have no dresser.

Our team of designers, organizers and painters are hands-on putting beds and Photo Credit: Table of Grace Church dressers together, working to give these children something to be proud of. The Lettermen are part of our team at Table of Grace UMC, for which we are so appreciative and thankful.

These makeovers are met initially with surprise, and ultimately with tears as the children now have a comfortable and safe place of their own. We believe this helps those children to know that we care, and that God loves them. It is a memory they will take with them into adulthood knowing they are loved and cared for by God.

We at Table of Grace continue to pray for the children and their families who receive this special outreach. We also continue to pray for our partners in this ministry, The Lettermen, as well.

Thanks much and God Bless.”
Pastor Donnie Blystone

Spreading Peace, Love and Harmony Where You Are


Dragstrip Riot – The behind the scenes story, as told by Tony Butala
The year was 1958 and the life of 19-year-old Tony Butala was about to change overnight…

By the mid to late 1950’s the “secret” film technologies, that only the big motion picture studios had access to, became available and less expensive to a wider group of movie makers.

This led to “independent” producers and directors being able to go out on their own without restrictions.

O’Dale Ireland was one of these young, progressive types and raised the funds needed to produce what they referred to as a “10-day wonder” or a class B or C motion picture. A plot that would appeal to teenagers and young adults about a conflict between a motorcycle gang and a group of rich, beach kids who drove Corvettes.

That movie was titled “Dragstrip Riot” and stared Fay Wray, Yvonne Lime, Gary Clarke, Bob Turnbull, Connie Stevens and myself. (My name was misspelled as Butula in the credits.)

When O’Dale was producing the recording sessions for this movie, at Gold Star recording studios in Hollywood, Connie was in studio to record a duet with another cast member. When that actor abruptly left the project, Connie suggested that I be brought in because I could sing, read music and only lived 1/2 hour away in North Hollywood. I drove down to the studio and recorded the solo titled “One To A Customer” which is featured in one of the first scenes on the beach. I was also fortunate to record a duet with Connie.

Apparently O’Dale was impressed enough with my singing ability, and my looks, that he immediately signed me to a small part in the movie. What was my character’s name you might ask?
“Joe”… just plain Joe (with no last name…)!

Filming stated on August 19, 1957 at Sunset Stages in Los Angeles. Malibu was the location for the beach scene and the car/motorcycle chases. We also went to the Riverside (CA) Raceway to film the car races. The total time, from the initial start to completing all of the post production, totaled about six months.

As they say… the rest is history!

If you want a chance to see this timeless classic, it is available for free viewing on YouTube.

Tony B

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