Cathy McGinnis

Table of Grace Church was recently honored to host the Lettermen in Erie, PA for a benefit concert.  When we heard the Monday prior to our show that Tony Butala was stepping back and would not be preforming during the entire show, we admittingly were a little nervous.  After all of the years Tony had devoted to The Lettermen, would the show lose something so important to the Lettermen legacy.  Some of us, having been Lettermen fans for years had been through previous changes in members, but the one constant had always been Tony.

However, when the lights went down, and the band started to play, and the wonderful Lettermen harmonies began, all our concerns disappeared.  The Lettermen sound was there.  Donovan and Bobby of course delivered their usual wonderful performances.  The newest member Rob Gulack was amazing.  His voice blended perfectly with Donovan and Bobby, and his solo numbers were jaw dropping.  Tony did a great job picking someone who will definitely help carry on the legacy of The Lettermen.

It’s been several weeks since the show in Erie and we continue to hear wonderful reviews of the show and people asking when they will be back.

Thank you to the entire Lettermen Family for the wonderful show, and it is great to know that even with this change, the harmonies and the legend of the Lettermen will continue for a long time!

Cathy McGinnis – Promoter – Erie, PA May 18, 2019