Donnie Blystone – Pastor at Table of Grace UMC

Dear Lettermen:
I wanted to send to you my personal thank you for your support of our new ministry at Table of Grace UMC, the bedroom makeovers. Our lack of finances to fund such a project is an issue. This is where I believe God has called the Lettermen to step in and fill that gap. Your care, patience, support, and willingness to use your giftedness given to you all by God in order to be a part of this outreach is amazing.  The comment by Donovan that you were there for the kids and had nowhere else to be was reassuring. It was that care and understanding that spoke volumes to me of your compassion for the ministry that has begun. Be assured that the Lettermen will be with us on every bedroom makeover we do.  If we do it right many children’s lives will be transformed by the love of God that we impart. You all are a part of that love.
Donnie Blystone – Pastor at Table of Grace UMC – Promoter Erie, PA May 18, 2019