John B. Donovan

The Lettermen put on a wonderful show. People in town are coming up to me and other board members telling them how much they enjoyed the show. The old songs sounded so good and warm, and the new songs were a wonderful surprise and so well done. The personalities of the three blended as well as their voices.
The team around them made the entire production of the event a breeze. From assistance with marketing, arranging a personal radio interview with Donovan Tea, to letting us know exactly what we needed regarding transportation etc.
The road crew were just a treat. I’ve known Bruce Galloway from many years ago and he took total control on the show – and it was a hit. The visuals, lights and sound were perfection.
Thank you!  We are already working on when to have you back.
This was a delight to produce from our end!!
Thank you!!
Dubuque Arts Council
Dubuque, IA – March 2022

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