Judy Resch

Once again, The Lettermen gave everyone a wonderful evening this past Thursday at The Andy Williams Theater in Branson! We were there with our son and we totally enjoyed our evening. We have seen them three times last year and enjoyed every show. The Lettermen put such warmth into each performance which makes the audience feel special if only for an evening. The way they take the time to meet their audience after the show is very thoughtful. Most entertainers do not do this and if they do come out to meet and take pictures they seem rushed and impersonal. This can not be said of The Lettermen. They take the time to be very pleasant to their audience which means a lot. The pictures we were able to take let us bring home many memories of a wonderful evening! Also, the CD’s we purchased gives us the opportunity to listen to them at home and helps reminds us of our evening with The Lettermen. We hope they continue to perform for many years. We are hoping to see them again in the future.