Agents, Promotors, Venues and Audiences agree – The Lettermen will not disappoint

Awesome concert… fabulous time… enjoyed every moment… Bobbe and I are counting the days until next time ❤️.

Newberry, SC – March 2020

Ebbie Ollice 

Thanks for a GREAT night in Greeneville! Enjoyed it SO much…tuning out the world for a little while and thinking about a time that seemed so much easier! God bless you guys…and the USA (what a moving end of your show recognizing those who give us the freedom to live in this great country! Come back soon!!! Missed seeing Tony but what a GREAT replacement you found!! You guys have GREAT voices.

Greeneville, TN ~ March 2020

Linda Winegar Greenwell 

I’ve been to several of your concerts, and believe this one was the best ever!

Greeneville, TN ~ March 2020

Joanne Bozarth Hawks 

Come back to TN soon!! Fabulous show!! Love the new material too!!

Greeneville, TN ~ March 2020

Vickie Starkey 

Even after a half a century of performing and pleasing audiences all over the world The Lettermen still captivate audiences of all ages with their smooth harmony and individual talent and charisma….2020 Valentine’s schedule of two sold out performances on the Feb 13th and 14th at Hot Springs Village, AR for the Village Concerts Association was a testimony to their professionalism and universal appeal as they signed autographs and took pictures with their fans until all were done.  Thank you all for a night to remember with some really nice folks!!

Ray E. Barber, VP, Village Concerts Association

Promoter – Hot Springs Village, AR

February 2020

Ray E. Barber

Thank you for coming to Stafford TX – awesome concert – I couldn’t sleep that night as all the songs were singing in my head!! Loved the concert!!!

Stafford, TX ~ February 2020

Brenda Landers Priess 

Great show tonight. Keep the music alive

Stafford, TX ~ February 2020

Ed Guiney

Great show guys. Amazing voices. Hope I get to see you again some time.

Wausau, WI ~ February 2020

Laurie Bauer 

We loved your show at Arlington Theater last Friday night! Such wonderful memories, and you each have beautiful voices and are amazing together!😘

Arlington, TX ~ February 2020

Gay Prewitt

Great show such powerful voices, loved it !!

Manitowoc, WI ~ February 2020

Judy Kilhullen-Woodruff

I attended tonight’s performance. Great show. Saw The Letterman at Ripon College in 1963 while I attended what was then Oshkosh State Teachers College.

Manitowoc, WI ~ February 2020

Bob Cavanaugh

It was a wonderful show in Arlington, TX tonite.

Arlington, TX ~ February 2020

Barbara Kuhn Hallstein
Saw them onboard the Regal Princess yesterday….outstanding!!! Loved every moment. New member = awesomely talented!

Cruise ~ January 2020

Judy Hafenrichter
You guys were awesome at the Concerts at Sea. You were the reason I came on this cruise – my first cruise. I last saw the Lettermen in 1975 or 1976 and are my all time favorite-the top group. I can’t wait to see you at the south Florida fair on Monday. You are the best
Cruise ~ January 2020
Barbara Schepers Tocci‎ 

It was a great show, classy as usual.

So good to see you all again!

December 2019 ~ St. Charles, IL

Sabra Ruppert Rieck 

LOVE them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am ready for another Lettermen Show !!!!! ❤️❤️

December 2019

Cheryl Marks

Thoroughly enjoyed your show Sunday night in Walhalla, SC! Fabulous harmonies and fantastic choices & deliveries of songs! I will attend again when you come back! Merry Christmas!

December 2019 ~ Walhalla, SC

Lauren Boissonneault

Celebrated with my favorite singing group in South Carolina last night. A great Christmas concert! Merry Christmas!

December 2019 ~ Walhalla, SC

Cathy Blanton 

Dad and i loved your music over the years. On all our vacations, he would put you on the radio and i sang along. Love your gift of song. Thanks.

December 2019

Margaret Welz 

The show in Mansfield was very enjoyable tonight. Glad I asked for it for my Christmas present!

November 2019 ~ Mansfield, OH

Roberta Ann Morley 

My first Lettermen concert & I loved every minute of it. It was wonderful & meet 3 wonderful men. Thank you to their families for letting them visit Mansfield, OH just after a holiday. It was fun.

November 2019 ~ Mansfield, OH

Dollie Stamm Krajcik 

What a great show.  I loved the new music.

Way to go guys!

November 2019 ~ St. George, UT

Stacey Chapman 

What a wonderful performance, we thoroughly enjoyed the evening of amazing music!!

November 2019 ~ St. George, UT

Sherri Forbes Anderson

Wonderful show! I was privileged to see The Lettermen at this same college in the new gym while a student here in 1966. Great music lives forever!

November 2019 ~ St. George, UT

Steve Cole
Really enjoyed the concert last night and celebrating the 50th anniversary of our marriage engagement. We have known The Lettermen for 29 years since performing at a concert together in St Louis at Buder Park in 1990. Good music lasts forever.
October 2019 Myrtle Beach, SC
Dave Combs

YES,,, WOW,,, What a great Show,,,,

❤️❤️  loved the show….

October 2019 Myrtle Beach, SC

Cheryl Marks 

No better way to spend an evening!! You three have it all, and know how to put your audiences under your “Lettermen spell”……..SO many standing ovations ❤️❤️❤️. Safe travels to all of you!

October 2019 Myrtle Beach, SC

Barbara Reynolds 

Your show was as wonderful as ever! You chose the right guy to fill Tony’s spot. I cant wait for your next visit!                                   

October 2019 Myrtle Beach, SC

Diane Mills Singletary 

Congratulations GUYS
You all look GREAT! They picked the perfect group for Their opening.
So excited for the next generation of The Lettermen!!!

September 2019

Louise Parks

Such a wonderfully entertaining show the three of you put on!

Thank you again for making the grand reopening so special for Danville!

September 2019

Rebecca Pitcock-Meisel

We all felt like movie stars last night! And The Lettermen were awesome. It was an energetic and also beautiful performance. Such class and style from days gone by and they brought it right into our present. Absolutely loved it!

September 2019

Roxie Jones Reed

Your show tonight was wonderful as usual . All of your solos were breath taking !! Thank you for sharing your talents with us ❤️🎶🤷🏻‍♀️

September 2019

Sandy Ploss 

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Thanks for always being so awesome. September 2019

Vickie Starkey

Great show! ❤️
What a friendly group, singing and letting audience take pictures with you!! ❤️

September 2019

Sandy Carley 

We made such good memories with you. Looking forward to seeing you again!! September 2019

Kathie Hamilton Harper Rutledge 

The Lettermen was an absolute crowd pleaser.  So much energy and harmony, our audience left the theatre with smiles on their faces.”

Egyptian Theater – Park City, UT August 2019

Amber Hansen

I think it’s Wonderful the heart you put into to the show and the fans. It’s my opinion that The Lettermen no matter who they are ALWAYS put their sincerity and joy into the heart of what they do.❤️
August 2019

Debbie Lindgren

For anyone who has never seen a Live Lettermen show–You are totally in for a treat! Know you wont be disappointed!!!😍🎶😍
August 2019

Gail Ormsbee

What an amazing show. Loved it all and especially “I Believe”.
August 2019

Kay Moore

Our Fine Arts Association throughly enjoyed having you as part of our 50th Anniversary Season! You presented such a wonderful, family friendly Christmas Concert! Everyone loved it!! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!!

Jodie Thomas

Gotta make the rounds so EVERYONE can enjoy the FABULOUS sound of the Letterman
June 27, 2019

Susan Dick

Seriously? How can one pick a favorite Lettermen song? Nostalgic! Goin’Out of My Head. Heartwarming? Daddy’s Girl💖 I love them all! ♥️ June 23, 2019

Marsha Weisman

Cherish is one of my favorites,  but love them all and love your harmony… truly amazing. ❤ June 23, 2019

Karen Taddy
Dear Lettermen:
I wanted to send to you my personal thank you for your support of our new ministry at Table of Grace UMC, the bedroom makeovers. Our lack of finances to fund such a project is an issue. This is where I believe God has called the Lettermen to step in and fill that gap. Your care, patience, support, and willingness to use your giftedness given to you all by God in order to be a part of this outreach is amazing.  The comment by Donovan that you were there for the kids and had nowhere else to be was reassuring. It was that care and understanding that spoke volumes to me of your compassion for the ministry that has begun. Be assured that the Lettermen will be with us on every bedroom makeover we do.  If we do it right many children’s lives will be transformed by the love of God that we impart. You all are a part of that love.
Donnie Blystone – Pastor at Table of Grace UMC – Promoter Erie, PA May 18, 2019 
Donnie Blystone - Pastor at Table of Grace UMC

Table of Grace Church was recently honored to host the Lettermen in Erie, PA for a benefit concert.  When we heard the Monday prior to our show that Tony Butala was stepping back and would not be preforming during the entire show, we admittingly were a little nervous.  After all of the years Tony had devoted to The Lettermen, would the show lose something so important to the Lettermen legacy.  Some of us, having been Lettermen fans for years had been through previous changes in members, but the one constant had always been Tony.

However, when the lights went down, and the band started to play, and the wonderful Lettermen harmonies began, all our concerns disappeared.  The Lettermen sound was there.  Donovan and Bobby of course delivered their usual wonderful performances.  The newest member Rob Gulack was amazing.  His voice blended perfectly with Donovan and Bobby, and his solo numbers were jaw dropping.  Tony did a great job picking someone who will definitely help carry on the legacy of The Lettermen.

It’s been several weeks since the show in Erie and we continue to hear wonderful reviews of the show and people asking when they will be back.

Thank you to the entire Lettermen Family for the wonderful show, and it is great to know that even with this change, the harmonies and the legend of the Lettermen will continue for a long time!

Cathy McGinnis – Promoter – Erie, PA May 18, 2019

Cathy McGinnis
The Lettermen’s performance is as stunning and captivating as their beautiful harmonies they are known for.  Their recent sold out show at The Palace Theatre left their fans and our valued customers wanting more.  The Lettermen are one of the few groups that we can bring back year after year.
Gary Latshaw – Latshaw Productions – Promoter May 19, 2019 Palace Theatre, Greensburg, PA
Gary Latshaw

Welcome, Rob! Both concerts today were fantastic!!  May 13, 2019

Cindy Williams Wondra

The Greensburg show was a blast last night. A great, vocal crowd of 1150 people. Rob, Bobby, and Donovan blew the crowd away with their solos   May 20, 2019

Keith Smith

Saw the concert in Erie PA…. Met new Lettermen, the Lettermen Sound was fantastic….. May 20, 2019

Dottie Heister

The Lettermen will keep performing –Donovan , Bobby and newest member, Rob–the Lettermen legend will continue!!  May 20, 2019

Gail Ormsbee

Fabulous job in Rock Island IL Rob! Welcome!  May 14, 2019


Kathy Snyder Schmidt

My husband and I saw your group “The Letterman” in 2017. It was one of the best performances either of us has seen in concert, and we have seen many great performers. The performance was so upbeat, fun and we loved every song that the wonderful Lettermen sang. The only problem was, we didn’t want the show to end! The songs brought back great memories of an era that we were so fortunate to have been in, and one we will never forget! We love “The Letterman”, and hope to see your fantastic show again!

Beverly Chesnut

What a voice! We’ve seen the Lettermen 3 times, the most recent in January, and they knock it out of the park every time! One of my all-time favorites! ❤️

Nancy Helms Childress

You did something right to have the ‘staying power’ that you have enjoyed.  I ‘grew-up’ with your melodious tones, and always enjoy the flood of memories that they bring back to me. I will request your songs as I lay on my deathbed… Thank you for making your kind of music!…..

Emily Preece

We loved working with The Lettermen once again!  They brought a fun, memory packed show to the Florida Strawberry Festival.  Our patrons had a wonderful time!  We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Sara Novak ~ Triangle Talent
‎Clara Hawthorne

Y’all were awesome in Forsyth GA tonight. We sure did enjoy the Show.

Vicki Hendrick Copeland‎ 
They just keep getting better. Loved taking pictures and talking after the show. Please come back next year!
Marsha Creter

I will say this once again…in all the concerts my wife and I have been to over the last 50 years no band or single entertainer has ever been as professional and personable as the Letterman….Every song as if it is the first time ever, every handshake, every hello and every smile is genuine….we have seen them in theaters indoor and outdoor, in high schools and Masonic Temples, in convention centers and in arenas and nothing ever changes…even years ago in the pouring rain outdoors in Chesaning, Michigan they came out to the crowd to sing and shake hands and there was no cover over our heads….thx again to Tony and all the guys who have performed as Lettermen…

Bill Kaferle

The Lettermen performed a fabulous show at the Annual Gala of the Hong Kong Association of Northern California on January 26, 2019 at the iconic Fairmont Hotel atop Nob Hill, San Francisco. Besides their usual love songs and Broadway tunes, they also included their Chinese song “Love is Gone” which has original English lyrics composed by Tony Butala. The 90 minute non stop show left many wanting more of their time less music.

Ellen D Chan

We were on the Oldies concert cruise last year with the Lettermen!!! Cannot wait to see them again……

Sylvia Wilmer Bergstrom Huddleston

Memories! . What a wonderful concert this was.. SO thrilling to see you again after all these years. Niagara Falls, Fallsview, February 2016 (The last time was in Toronto, at the Royal York Hotel Imperial Room, early ’80s)

Marie Belanger

Wonderful show at the Turning Stone Casino in Vernon NY on February 2nd. Great show, great showmen. Thanks for the memories. Looking forward to your next visit!

Marianne Hunt

Purchased the new CD at the show in Verona, NY this past Saturday night – had to play it on the way home and again the next day- love it!!! The show was awesome and your interaction with the audience was fantastic! Until we meet again…

Sue Nemier

My wife and I saw your show Thursday afternoon at Newberry SC. Great show. Donovan said how glad he was to be in SC with the great weather and warm temps. Between now and Monday the mountains of SC are going to get about 2 ft of snow and the upstate, Greenville, Spartenburg about 6 inches, with highs in the low 30s. You got out of here just in time. Can’t wait to see your show next year.

Kenneth Fortner

Went to the Lettermen concert at the Newberry Opera House this afternoon. What a great a show!! They sang the great old Christmas songs. If you get a chance go see them.

Bobby Smith

I will say this once again…in all the concerts my wife and I have been to over the last 50 years no band or single entertainer has ever been as professional and personable as the Letterman….Every song as if it is the first time ever, every handshake, every hello and every smile is genuine….we have seen them in theaters indoor and outdoor, in high schools and Masonic Temples, in convention centers and in arenas and nothing ever changes…even years ago in the pouring rain outdoors in Chesaning, Michigan they came out to the crowd to sing and shake hands and there was no cover over our heads….thx again to Tony and all the guys who have performed as Lettermen…

Bill Kaferle

Once again, The Lettermen gave everyone a wonderful evening this past Thursday at The Andy Williams Theater in Branson! We were there with our son and we totally enjoyed our evening. We have seen them three times last year and enjoyed every show. The Lettermen put such warmth into each performance which makes the audience feel special if only for an evening. The way they take the time to meet their audience after the show is very thoughtful. Most entertainers do not do this and if they do come out to meet and take pictures they seem rushed and impersonal. This can not be said of The Lettermen. They take the time to be very pleasant to their audience which means a lot. The pictures we were able to take let us bring home many memories of a wonderful evening! Also, the CD’s we purchased gives us the opportunity to listen to them at home and helps reminds us of our evening with The Lettermen. We hope they continue to perform for many years. We are hoping to see them again in the future.

Judy Resch

What a great afternoon. Two Hours+ of music topped with “Proud to be an American” followed by “I believe.” All this after favorite from days gone by. And all without any mud-slinging nor accusations of lies and corruptions. Thank you, gentlemen.

Douglas L. Johnson

We had the distinct pleasure of welcoming The Lettermen and crew into our house, the Uptown Theater, Grand Prairie yesterday. What an absolute pleasure!

Extraordinary talent, showmen and human beings…perfect from the moment they hit Texas dirt…they will be coming back next year…keep making memories boys.

Douglas L. Voet
General Manager, Uptown Theater, Grand Prairie, TX

In Branson with my husband (he introduced himself to Tony after the show) and saw you live – first time in my 70 yrs on the planet. Wanted to thank you for saving my life in 1967 – the specific line “And I thank God I’m alive,” – was first thing I heard coming out of major surgery – was not responding well to efforts to bring me out of recovery till someone turned on your tunes – so seeing you live makes me believe I can now live to 100+! You are so professional yet personal & I love how you interact with your audience – thank you for your contribution to helping the species evolve to the next highest level – we’ll be back to see you again.

Peg & Doug MacKay

These men never forget those who have served on our behalf. They include them in every performance they have.

It might be a better world if all performers did the same.

Thank You guys for your talents.

Mary Ann J